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Kats By Kelly
P O Box 301013
Chicago, IL 60630


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About the Artist - A True Cat Lover

My name is Kathy Kelly. I was given my first black cat at the age of nine and became a cat lover on the spot. I have always had a love of art and while working on my degree in Art Education I combined my great love of art and the fond memories of my first cat Bridget into the development of my comical black cat images.

In 1991, after ten years of teaching high school art and completing my Master’s Degree in Art Management from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL. I decided to create my own company, Kats by Kelly. I then packed up my van and headed for my first gift show/Art show and I've never looked back!

2013 brings Kats by Kelly to its 21st year as a full time profession. It has been amazing to create these fun filled drawings year after year and never running out of ideas! 2013 brings new images for tee shirts, a few new like the magnets and matted and framed hand colored and resigned images. Something that has been a goal of mine from the beginning is a children's picture book, and it is DONE! To create the book I needed a name for the kitty cat so ...Jelly Bean is the name for my black cat. I chosen "Jelly Bean" for all the possible colors a cat can have and the joy we get from our cats "they are so sweet!" The children's picture book for children 4 years old to 99 years old was a labor of love and I learned a great deal about creating and publishing. The reviews have been fantastic but to create the next book please order Jelly Beans Art Museum Adventure. I would love to start the next adventure.

I have two cats, both rescues. Mattie is the youngest of the two and is the gray tabby. She loves to play with the paper balls made out of any kind of paper. When she hears me to begin to tear the paper she comes running from the farthest corners of the house to chase the thrown little ball of fun!! She slides them around like hockey pucks! When I clean these paper balls all seem to find their way under the couch. Morah, my black cat likes to hide and look out for the perfect time to spring on Matty tag her and dashes off with Matty in hot pursuit!

It’s been a wonderful journey.

Here's meowing at you- Kathy Kelly

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