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About Kathy Kelly, the Artist - A True Cat Lover


This year brings Kats by Kelly to its 30th year!  I say a prayer of thanks every day, because I get paid to draw and color the comical things that make us love our finicky felines so much.  “How cool is that!”

In 1991, after ten years of teaching high school art and completing my Master's Degree in Art Management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL. I decided to create my own company, Kats by Kelly.  So I packed up my van and headed for my first gift show and I've never looked back! 


I've gained inspiration from the many cats that have strolled into my life as well as the wonderful stories told to me by cat lovers over the years. So, when you have a cat story please share it with me. I would love to hear about your cat's antics. 


As a business owner, it has been my goal to work with companies in my community to help support Mom and Pop businesses like mine. I work with a husband and wife that have a small silk-screening business and my stationery products are printed by two brothers that are grade school friends.  It’s a “purr-fect” combination!  All Made in America.

This year brings a new Calendar (the drawings fly off my finger!), and new images for magnets, and matted and framed prints. I finished the Children’s book in 2014! It has been a great success!  I’m very proud to bring my educational background together with my illustrations.  Jelly Beans Art Museum Adventure I hope is the first in a series of 9 stories for the nine lives of a cat!  Jelly Beans Art Museum Adventure is for kids 4 to 99 years young.

Places I find inspiration: my Irish heritage, love of music, and sports.  I’m also inspired by your stories and photographs that have been sent showing feline funnies please keep them coming. 


Now about the star Mattie my little gray kitty cat, well not that little she's 11 pounds at the age of 14 yrs..  I lost my beautiful black cat Morah this year at the age of 18.  She was a wonderful cat!  She loved doing crazy things like climbing to the apex of my two-story house! I have many joyful memories and many drawings based on her fun-filled days. She is missed. So Mattie has full reign of the house!  She loves to explore and hide her toys to pounce on them as she rediscovers the paper ball or catnip toy, or finds a spot on my lap for a little nap.

Thank you for your support over the years. Enjoy!

Kathy Kelly

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happy costumer.jpg
Happy customers! Be sure to come to one of my three Fall 2022 shows and say "hello"!
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Kathy's cat Mattie 

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